TartuGeo is a podcast about geography and geoinformatics related fields along with education, research, history, philosophy, ground breaking ideas and innovation. Host Alexander Kmoch and Tahmin Sitab try to talk about different topics of the fields. The show will also host guests from different sectors who will share insight about their research and work. We try to bring up new episodes every 15 days with exciting and newer topics of geoinformatics and geography. Stay tuned and happy listening.

Alex Kmoch

Alex Kmoch

Tahmin Sitab

Tahmin Sitab

Latest Episode

Today we talk with Jaak Laineste, who is the Director of Research at Sixfold, Europe’s leading provider of logistics visibility services.

Today we talk with Gaspar Anton, who is the founder & CEO of the on-demand mapping technologies company EyeVi Technologies from Tartu.

Today we talk with Erki Saluveer, founder and CEO of the location and mobility data analytics company Positium from Tartu.

Today we talk with with Kaupo Voormansik and Tanel Tamm from the radar remote sensing company KappaZeta here in Tartu.

Today we talk with Martin Jüssi, Director Consulting Services - Space and Earth Observation from CGI here in Tartu.

E009 - Cultural Geography with Taavi Pae

Posted on Tuesday, Oct 20, 2020

Today we talk with Cultural Geographer Associate Professor Taavi Pae from our Department of Geography here at the University of Tartu.