E008 - Perspectives of a Fresh Graduate on GIS

Posted on Tuesday, Oct 6, 2020
We are happy to come back with our second season after the long summer break. We start this episode with Margarita Oja who is a fresh BSc graduate Geography from the University of Tartu.

Show Notes

We are happy to come back with our second season after the long summer break. We would also like to start with looking back at our previous episodes where we talked about various topics from open-source and commercial GIS softwares to GIS teaching methods, uses of GIS during covid-19 and different GIS related researches in various fields. In our last season we have managed to reach out to 100 people for each episode from a diverse range of areas around the world. We are really grateful for all the listeners who have supported us throughout our journey and we hope that we can continue to develop ourselves and produce more interesting contents for our listeners.

Today with us we have the opportunity to introduce Margarita Oja who is a freshly graduate of geography from the University of Tartu. We would like to know what margarita is thinking about GIS in terms of education, research and profession.

Research reading list:

Like usually, we also want to share some recent interesting articles on GIS, Geography or related fields with every episode so that you and we have the idea on what kind of research is going on:

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Margarita Oja

Margarita Oja

Margarita is an adventurous creative minimalist, who cares about the planet and turns thoughts into actions. This spring (2020) she finished her bachelors in geography at the University of Tartu. These three years of studying geography gave her a bigger picture of natural sciences, but also allowed her to focus on very specific and narrow topics.

Margarita believes studying geography gave her a strong base of knowledge to create change. She doesn’t only want to protect the environment, she wants to create a world where the environment doesn’t need protecting anymore.


Alex Kmoch

Alex Kmoch

Alex is a Researcher with many years of experience in geospatial data management and web- and cloud-based geoprocessing with a particular focus on land use, soils, hydrology, hydrogeology and water quality data. His interests include OGC standards and web-services for environmental and geo-scientific data sharing, modelling workflows and interactive geo-scientific visualisation. Alex is currently a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Individual Fellow (MSCA) at the Department of geography of the University of Tartu, Estonia.

Tahmin Sitab

Tahmin Sitab

Tahmin Sitab is a masters student at the Geoinformatics for Urbanised society programme at University of Tartu. He did his bachelors in anthropology from Bangladesh. He is interested in the intersection of sociology and geography and almost every other topic. He firmly believes that you can love both a cat and a dog.